A New Year Ahead

new years eve lightsAllow me to wish Happy New Year to all new arrivals and faithful patrons alike. I think most of us would agree that 2010 was better than 2009. It certainly was for Intercon. The discourse on the site exceeded my expectations in both volume and quality, making it a pleasure to post new material as well as read the responses.

Intercon succeeded in connecting with many more people in 2010 with views up 9-fold from 2009. More encouraging was the rise in regular subscribers with four times as many as the year before. Those that did come offered more discussion with great comments that really exemplifies what is most rewarding to me—conversations that allow for the exchange of information whether they be in agreement or constructive debate. The more conversations we can foster, the more chance we have of making meaningful progress in sustainability.

Looking ahead, I hope Intercon can only continue to build on its growth. The docket for the new year includes more architectural projects that show examples of methods and technologies in action, guest writers to offer opinions beyond my own and looking into more theoretical projects that raise questions and ideas for new directions our culture can try. If there are specific topics or discussions that readers would like to broach, by all means let me know and we will work them into the mix.

My thanks to all of Intercon’s readers and respondents in 2010 and I hope to continue to hear from everyone in 2011—only more so! Here’s to a start of another great year.

Photo Credit: scottwesterfeld.com