The digital age has released a tidal wave of information onto humanity but the wealth of knowledge has not come without cost. Everyday countless events are pulled out by countless publications to be isolated, analyzed and presented for public comment.Unsurprisingly this parallels our human tendency to focus on the things immediately around us as the rest of the world fades away on the periphery. It is easy to forget how everyday activities reconnect back into the larger picture.


Afterwards these events are discarded with the next day bringing a new onslaught of unique occurrences. What is often missed is their connection: to everyone and everything. Sustainability is a concept with greater breadth and depth than most people give it credit for. It is an interconnected notion of balance, stasis and maximization of reflexive opportunity. This dialogue presents an opportunity not only to unearth the new products, practices, policies and perspectives on sustainability but always make certain to link them back into the numerous ways that they impact everyday life.

So Who Are You Anyway?

My name is Tyler. I am a registered architect in New York City continually exploring how sustainability can be woven into our lives. I earned a Bachelors of Architecture, Bachelors of Science in Business and Masters of Architecture from Syracuse University (it is really cold up there, we worked a lot). I received my LEED Accreditation eleven years ago and continue to work on green projects ranging from master plans to apartment renovations. There is no scale that sustainability cannot play a larger role in our culture. After having spent nearly a decade between working at Lubrano Ciavarra Architects and COOKFOX Architects, I founded my own architectural practice: DCP

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