The Inspiring Blogger Award

Some say that one of the problems with the environmental movement is that it has migrated farther and farther into the presentation of bold truths with the goal of promoting fear. I know a number of people that have moved past the tactic of trying to simply make sense, hoping that people can be struck into action if they are afraid enough of the consequences. Clearly, this has had limited results and plenty of backlash. Instead, I try to believe educating and revealing the interconnections of how and why we live will lead other to make smarter decisions. After all, at some point most of us are looking to be inspired.

very-inspiring-blogger-awardA few days ago I had another “blogging first” with Intercon being nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. As an accolade that flows through the blogging community, in many ways it means more (at least to me) than a title passed down by some far away organization.

When I talk about starting a blog, I tell people how rewarding an experience it has been, often in ways that I could not have imagined when it began years ago. With each month that passes Intercon reveals new pleasant surprises in the form of great people, enticing conversation and new facets of how we struggle towards a more sustainable future. As a forum for sustainability, this digital enclave continues to help inspire me everyday, but to know that it may inspire others–even if only every once in a while–makes it all the more rewarding.

My thanks goes not only to Sherry for the nomination, but to everyone else (i.e. readers) who help make Intercon all that it is. Our inspiration is coactive; synergetic; contagious.

As for the rules of the award:

7 things about myself. I figure I have to go above and beyond Intercon’s “About” page.

1. I dislike shaving immensely, so stubble is an all but permanent fixture.

2. I believe Coca-Cola to be the most delicious beverage ever conceived (and Pepsi is the opposite).

3. My favorite sport to play is Ultimate Frisbee (known as simple “Ultimate” to fellow patrons).

4. When I was in kindergarten I was convinced that I was going to grow up to be a fireman.

5. I don’t like walking around barefoot. I usually opt for socks.

6. I think exclamation points are often over-used. I deploy a single exclamation point very sparingly while more than one in a row is nearly unheard of.

7. I have a deep love and respect for the comedic genius of Monty Python.

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