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Sobering Fact: Plenty of Asbestos Still Sold in the US

Most people that have conducted maintenance on a home or apartment in the last two decades have probably bumped into asbestos. Asbestos is a fibrous material whose strength and resistance to fire and decay made it a popular choice for numerous products in the first half of the 20th century including floor tile, adhesives and […]

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Rethinking the Urban Grid

We often use the utilitarian, rational deployment of street grids as a boon to our best cities. American cities like New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. stand as the result of a preplanned order deployed to guide expansion over time. In many ways it has worked. Partitioning up the city has helped to shape a […]

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The Difference Between Efficiency and Using Less

In its basic definition, efficiency relates to a given amount of energy or effort it takes to¬†accomplish¬†a certain task relative to the least possible amount. It is true that a more efficient system/solution/product will use less energy than a less efficient counterpart, but in order to gauge its place within the topic of sustainability we […]

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President Reaches to Greens Forgotten in the Election

In his inauguration speech, President Obama dedicated some time to addressing the environmental contingent that was left out of the gamut of the election. In all of the months of campaigning and formal presidential debates, the topic of sustainability was a no-show, with both candidates staying away from a subject that could probably do little […]

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Belief in Climate Change Heats Up, But Will Action Follow

As unfortunate and costly as the rash of American droughts is proving to be, the small silver lining is that more Americans are pairing these adverse effects with the possibility of a warming climate. While greater acceptance of climate change is a progressive step, it is not necessarily indicative of the following, and arguably more […]

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Building Sustainable Metrics

With some exceptions, the learned, hard-working professionals of any industry usually wish that the American populace knew more about what they do and why they do it. Artists long for a time when a greater portion of the population to be schooled enough in art to join the larger discourse. Farmers and factory workers would […]

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For Green Building, Carpe Diem

When it comes to building more sustainably, the time is now. A feasible rebuttal could be, “The time to build greener buildings has been every day for the past decade.” This would be true. However, the current conditions present a ripe opportunity for buildings with more ecological stewardship not only because building greener makes sense, […]

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