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Sobering Fact: Water Through a Power Plant Can Fill the Empire State Building Every Day

As Americans we use a lot of water—per capita, more than any other country on the planet. A huge portion (49% as of 2005) of what we use goes to thermoelectric cooling, or removing heat from our fossil fuel burning power plants. That’s around 200 billion gallons a day, but we have a lot of […]

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Sobering Fact: Wrapping Paper Could Cover Over 5000 Football Fields

The holidays may be gone, but those bulging bags of trash are probably still waiting to be taken off of your hands. There may be a swell of food scraps in there from a holiday feast, but a lot of that bulk is the discarded skins of surprise that recently held our presents-to-be. While standing […]

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Sobering Fact: US Offshore Wind Potential is 4x Our Total Power Capacity

A new report has been issued buy Wind Powering America, a Department of Energy initiative, that attempts to calculate the total potential energy to be captured off our nation’s coastlines via offshore wind farms. While erecting turbines out away from land has gathered significant support in parts of Europe, America has yet to construct a […]

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Sobering Fact: Untreated U.S. Wastewater Could Fill Every Residential Swimming Pool 5 Times

Despite the advances that the United States has made in building technology, urban infrastructure systems and sewage treatment, waste water management still comprises one of the larger portions of our antiquated infrastructural network; namely in the form of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). While some communities and cities have separate systems to collect and divert stormwater […]

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Sobering Fact: Top 400 Americans Could Fund a Sustainable Overhaul

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have been trying to convince the cadre of American’s wealthiest residents to give away 50% of their net worth before they die. They are calling it The Giving Pledge. Even for someone who lives in New York City, where multi-million dollar apartments are commonplace on street after street, it is […]

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