The digital age has released a tidal wave of information onto humanity but the wealth of knowledge has not come without cost. Everyday countless events are pulled out by countless publications to be isolated, analyzed and presented for public comment.Unsurprisingly this parallels our human tendency to focus on the things immediately around us as the rest of the world fades away on the periphery. It is easy to forget how everyday activities reconnect back into the larger picture.


Afterwards these events are discarded with the next day bringing a new onslaught of unique occurrences. What is often missed is their connection: to everyone and everything. Sustainability is a concept with greater breadth and depth than most people give it credit for. It is an interconnected notion of balance, stasis and maximization of reflexive opportunity. This dialogue presents an opportunity not only to unearth the new products, practices, policies and perspectives on sustainability but always make certain to link them back into the numerous ways that they impact everyday life.

So Who Are You Anyway?

My name is Tyler. I am a registered architect in New York City continually exploring how sustainability can be woven into our lives. I earned a Bachelors of Architecture, Bachelors of Science in Business and Masters of Architecture from Syracuse University (it is really cold up there, we worked a lot). I received my LEED Accreditation seven years ago and continue to work on green projects ranging from master plans to apartment renovations. There is no scale that sustainability cannot play a larger role in our culture. I worked as part of Lubrano Ciavarra Architects for years and now work at COOKFOX Architects

Have something you would like to see discussed? Suggestions? Complaints? Let me know:

14 Responses to “Inter-what?”

  1. Hi,
    I just published an article on my site, “50 Great Green Architecture & Design Blogs” ( First, I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in the article and if you have any questions about that article, how your site is described, etc. I wanted to let you know that you should feel free to email me. In addition, I thought I would bring it to your attention in case you think your readers might find it interesting and consequently would consider giving the article a mention on your site.
    In any case, thanks for your time!
    Betty Jones

  2. Hi Tyler,

    Just wanted to let you know that your articles rock!

    From a fellow environmental explorer,


  3. Hi Tyler, Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I’m really glad to have found your blog and look forward to reading more. Such interesting info. I’ll be following… :)

  4. Thank you very much for visit my site. Cheers! Great site you have,

  5. I tend to have way too many bad habits in regards to consumption and then not paying attention to the effects that said consumption has all around me. Articles like yours and others who have much more knowledge about this than I are doing a great service by reminding us to keep these things a little more in the forefront of our minds.

    • Thanks for stopping by Josh. I think it’s really a cultural norm for us. We haven’t been brought up in a society that assesses the difference between what we consume/what we need/what we actually want. We all need to make some progress on this front.

  6. Hello Tyler, thank you for visiting and the likes on my blog. I will revisit and explore more of your site. It appears rather interesting, and informative.

  7. Thanks for following my blog

    As I have only just started out, I am having to learn a lot about WordPress settings and blog configuration, so things are still evolving.

    I am glad you liked my Carbon Dioxide post. You might also like my Port Charlotte post, which includes an embedded video showing how the Bruichladdich distillery uses it waste stream to generate all the electricity they need. They even bought a Nissan Leaf.

    My serialized Zombie novel Day 42 has an electric car.

    I drive a partial electric car … a 2010 Prius, but I still want to get full EV as a second car.


    Be seeing you …

    • Thanks for stopping by. I actually like the ability to not have a car at all. I think driving and I were destined to be apart, but if I were to be in a position where I needed a car again, I’d definitely be going for an EV or PHEV. I only hear good things about the Prius.

      • Yes I understand. Major metropolitan cities like NYC, Moscow, Tokyo, most of Europe have the mass transit thing down. I live in the burbs and must commute by car.


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